Steel Construction

Steel Construction

Customers from all engineering fields in Germany trust the quality of DMS Schweisstechnik GmbH when it comes to assisting their steel construction projects.

We have decades of experience in the following fields:

  • Automotive industry
  • Power plant construction
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical industries
  • Food industry
  • Other fields

We provide:

  • Sub-constructions for machinery and equipment of all magnitudes
  • Renovations and expansions of existing production plants
  • Heavy-duty high-rise racks for large or heavy equipment or tools
  • Detached or free-standing protection

We are distinguished by our:

  • Experience, precision, and acknowledged quality across all specialist steel construction aspects: construction, planning, production, transportation, and assembly
  • Thorough coordination and close partnership with plant constructors and ensuing constructors
  • High- quality and highly functional constructions which are easily mounted
  • Ability to complete complex processes in difficult conditions and hard to access areas
  • Safety of working conditions